Social Studies (Canadian Studies)

Canada Counts: A Charles Pachter Counting Book - Charles Pachter
ISBN 9781897151525 | 12" x 9" | HC | $20 | Age: 3-5

New artwork from Charles Pachter illustrates numbers from 1 to 20, as well as other important Canadian numbers such as 1867 and 1982. (read more)
M is for Moose: A Charles Pachter Alphabet - Charles Pachter
ISBN 9781897151334 | 12" x 9" | HC | $20 | Age: 3-5

Winner of the 2008 Municipal Chapter of Toronto IODE Jean Throop Book Award
Nominated for the 2009 Ruth and Sylvia Schwartz Children's Book Award
Nominated for the 2009 CBA Libris Award for Children's Illustrator of the Year

One of Canada’s leading visual artists, Charles Pachter, adds a Canadian twist to the alphabet book with his M is for Moose, a delightful and unexpected take on a form we thought we knew well. (read more)